Keep yourself out of a difficult situation by calling Towing 55 right now. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The highway drivers employed with us are always available to come get you right away if you are having vehicle trouble and need help. We provide emergency road-side assistance as well as accident towing services. Towing 55 has more services as well. You can rely on Towing 55 for fast and friendly, professional services.

We have many more services that most other typical towing companies do. Our Towing 55 Company will also pay for the majority of junk vehicles. Get a hold of us right away to figure out how you can get more cash in your pocket while cleaning up your lawn and garage at the same time.

24 Hour Emergency Towing
It doesn’t matter whether there is a car illegally parked or whether you break down; our Towing 55 Company is always going to be there to offer the help that you need. We have the appropriate equipment that will be needed to safely tow a variety of vehicles which include RVs and semis. The trucks that are with our company will usually arrive at your place within under an hour after you have placed your call. We will tow your vehicle any place that you would like that is in the same state. Our tow trucks can hold up to 2 passengers.